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Redemption In Copper Hollow

A Sapphic Tale (Mining For Justice Book 2)

We're back in the Hollow almost three years later with Blythe, Miranda, and the rest. Lulled into a false sense of normalcy thanks to the pandemic putting off Brooke’s day in court, Blythe begins experiencing more and more interruptions to her life as the trial approaches. Dogged media and lack of self-confidence have Blythe’s nerves unraveling quickly as reality comes back with full force. Court is coming up fast, and tension is building, especially when a new person rides into town on gasoline fumes and something to prove. Blythe isn’t sure she’ll survive.

Molly King has one goal in mind. Get the Brooke Swafford story down in print, become a best seller, and finally stick it to everyone who ever doubted her. Only it's not that easy. She's met with wall after wall in Copper Hollow. No one will talk to her, and she's desperate for insider information. It doesn't help that she's destitute and distracted by a handywoman with scars, tattoos, and the same glint of determination in her eyes as Molly.

Tash Swine has lived a hard life. A career criminal hoping to get her act together, she feels blessed when Blythe Gallamore takes a chance on her and hires Tash as a handywoman to help around the Gallamore property. Tash is steadfast in her goal to make this new life work, and no one, not even the cute, annoying writer who sticks her nose into everything, will deter her from that. Or, at least, that's what she's telling herself.

Life is never easy in Copper Hollow, but with some grit and determination, maybe everyone can have their happily ever after. Even those who don't believe they deserve them. Redemption is the goal, but can they all accomplish it, or will some fail?

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